Hana Gitelman (hg_wireless) wrote in 5yg,
Hana Gitelman

There's Only One Way to Get Back Your Strength (tag northernclaude)

She'd been slowly working Claude back to strength over the last few days. She wasn't pushing too hard; the man had been worn to a thread. But if he was going to be any help, he'd have to get that stamina built up. Bennet probably wouldn't have recognized the woman facing Claude--abrasive, yes, and focused, but never pushing too far. These sessions, for once, weren't about her, and yet strangely enough, it was working out her tension. Even without a period of all out aggression.

She circled, eyes warily on the man before her. She was poised to dodge or strike, whichever she needed.
Tags: claude - northernclaude, hana - hg_wireless
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