Matt Parkman (teleparkman) wrote in 5yg,
Matt Parkman

We REALLY Have to Talk (tag hornrimmed)

OOC: Backdated to the day after this. So quite a long time ago. *Laughs*

Matt was in a panic. He couldn't turn Bennet over to Sylar. The man knew too much about his family. But if he didn't, Sylar would probably kill him. There was only one man he knew smart enough to deal with this insanity. And luckily he knew just where to find him. That was the problem, after all.

So early morning found him on a plane to Texas, and soon he was strolling in the door of the abandoned factory, attempting his usual swagger and not quite succeeding. He found the man in his office and shot him a cold smile. "Bennet. We have to talk."
Tags: matt - teleparkman, noah - hornrimmed
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