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Mohinder Suresh

Thread Open to Anyone

Mohinder had just closed up his office for the night. It was a long day for him - after his stressful meeting with Nathan he had sequestered himself in his office and worked on a plan. Nathan wanted him on this horrible project, and Mohinder knew he had to get out of it or at least try to fix it to his liking. The only bright light at the end of this dreary, dark tunnel, was that Nathan had given him a generous budget and a large team of men and women to do with as he pleased. If Mohinder could simply convince them to make the project their own, then they could possibly avoid a world-wide disaster.

He adjusted the strap of his messenger bag and forwent the usual government car that took him to and from work every day. Mohinder felt like walking home; it wasn't that far, and tonight was gorgeous. He briefly wondered if Molly had managed dinner for herself, or if he should pick something up for her. And he needed to call his mother. Peter, too. Gods, being a perfectionist had really made him hate laundry lists.
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