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Five Years Gone

Which side are you on?

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...to hell.

Er...I mean New York.

We're five years into the future. Sylar has successfully taken over Nathan Petrelli's life and is running the country. Luckily, almost all of our Heroes are alive and well, watching from behind the scenes and waiting for the right moment to strike. Or are they? Where do your alliances lie? You can choose to follow the show closely, or make it your own.

1) OOC stands for Out Of Character. IC stands for In Character. Please keep the two separate. A character may hate your character, but that doesn't mean the character's player hates you.

2) For now, we aren't accepting multiple versions of characters. If this changes, we'll let you know.

3) Please tag your posts with your character; it makes it easier to find things afterward.

4) Please don't godmod. If you have questions about this, direct it to the mods.

5) Please have a character-specific journal for each character.

6) Characters from other fandoms and OCs are welcome

7) Please either be 18 years old or pretend you are. Pretend hard, because there's going to be adult stuff here.

8) If you need to take a hiatus, please let the mods know so we don't think you're dead in a ditch somewhere!

9) Please have fun!