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26 July 2010 @ 08:21 am
Heidi sat in the courtyard stirring her coffee, the repetitive action helping her take her mind off the next batch of patients she had to see. She loved her job being a psychologist and a counsellor to the masses of people who had been affected by the New York explosion but it was very taxing. At the end of the day it was nice to go home and hug her children, it really was but right now two other boys worried her; Nathan and Peter.

Nathan had been acting weird lately, Heidi thought the stress of being president might be getting to him but she didn't know, she couldn't analyse him as she once did since their marriage fell in to disrepair and Peter? She hadn't talked to him in a while and that worried her. He was marked as a fugitive yes but they still managed to keep in touch through phone calls and random visits but Peter hadn't been answering the messages she had left lately leaving Heidi to wonder what was going on.
The thought had been popping up a lot over the past week. She'd had some time off, and had actually gotten to spend several days at home. So she'd seen Nate a lot more often than she had been, even though he'd been living in her apartment for a month.

He was a really attractive man.Collapse )
24 June 2010 @ 11:36 am
OOC: Backdated to the day after this. So quite a long time ago. *Laughs*

Matt was in a panic. He couldn't turn Bennet over to Sylar. The man knew too much about his family. But if he didn't, Sylar would probably kill him. There was only one man he knew smart enough to deal with this insanity. And luckily he knew just where to find him. That was the problem, after all.

So early morning found him on a plane to Texas, and soon he was strolling in the door of the abandoned factory, attempting his usual swagger and not quite succeeding. He found the man in his office and shot him a cold smile. "Bennet. We have to talk."
She'd been slowly working Claude back to strength over the last few days. She wasn't pushing too hard; the man had been worn to a thread. But if he was going to be any help, he'd have to get that stamina built up. Bennet probably wouldn't have recognized the woman facing Claude--abrasive, yes, and focused, but never pushing too far. These sessions, for once, weren't about her, and yet strangely enough, it was working out her tension. Even without a period of all out aggression.

She circled, eyes warily on the man before her. She was poised to dodge or strike, whichever she needed.
He hated being ill. He'd all but passed out on the way to Odessa and the next few days were spent in a haze of fever and aches and weird, horrible dreams. He'd woken up screaming and disoriented several times, too weak to even crawl out of bed.

Finally the fever had dropped. He'd woken up that morning as the sun filtered through the curtains and found that he wasn't quite as exhausted as the previous days. He still didn't really know where he was, though it was familiar. He couldn't quite place why yet, but it'd come back when his head decongested, probably.

He reached for the tissues and blew his nose violently, regretting it instantly when his ears blocked up instead. Fantastic. He hadn't been ill in a couple years and he bloody hated it. Still, it probably beat hypothermia. Depending on where he'd landed, anyway. Hopefully someone would come by soon and set things straight. And if this was a bloody hospital, he was going to throttle Bennet.
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06 June 2010 @ 02:20 am
The next few days were stressful for Mohinder. His visit with Hiro had helped to put his mind at ease and to give him hope, though being back in the office was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Avoiding Nathan wasn't incredibly difficult, but finding a private place to talk was. So, come lunch time, Mohinder realized he needed to escape the building entirely.

Instead of his usual bagged lunch in the break room of his laboratory, Mohinder found Eden and practically pulled her out the heavily-guarded doors with little explanation. He took her hand and walked her towards a park, glancing back when he noticed Nathan's goons following them.

"We must speak quietly, but its very important."
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05 June 2010 @ 05:15 pm
This game is going very well, but not everyone is playing. It isn't a big deal, I just want to make sure that characters are going to be used, and that plots are going to develop.

If you haven't participated in at least one thread yet, please comment with why. I think most people probably just don't know where to start, so with some brainstorming we can help each other figure that out.

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Lyle was slouching around outside the cafeteria, bored as hell, like usual. He was supposed to be in Algebra at that precise moment, and anything was better than that. He brightened up slightly as a man in a suit approached him; it was something different, at least. And the guy was sorta cute. He leaned nonchalantly back against the wall. "Can I help you, man?"

"Yeah, kid, you can." The man didn't smile. Instead, he flipped open a badge. "Homeland Security. Do you know Aiden Marsh?"

Lyle felt sick. Yeah, he knew the guy. He was in that class he was supposed to be in right that second. But no way was he gonna help these creeps lock up anyone. Claire would come back to haunt him if he did.

Not like she didn't already.

"Yeah, man," he said, smiling brightly. "I think he's got a history class right now." He gave him directions to the building, on the other side of the campus from where Aiden really was. "Is he really a terrorist?"

The man didn't answer, just began walking in the direction he'd pointed out.

And as soon as the goon was out of sight, he took off running towards the math building. And as one of the MVPs of the soccer team, running was what he did best.

Class was just letting out as he got there, and he barged into the group of students leaving the room and grabbed Aiden's arm. He was at a loss for things to say for a long moment, then a line from one of those dumb movies his dad used to watch all the time popped into his head. "Come with me if you want to live."
16 May 2010 @ 03:25 am
Mohinder had just closed up his office for the night. It was a long day for him - after his stressful meeting with Nathan he had sequestered himself in his office and worked on a plan. Nathan wanted him on this horrible project, and Mohinder knew he had to get out of it or at least try to fix it to his liking. The only bright light at the end of this dreary, dark tunnel, was that Nathan had given him a generous budget and a large team of men and women to do with as he pleased. If Mohinder could simply convince them to make the project their own, then they could possibly avoid a world-wide disaster.

He adjusted the strap of his messenger bag and forwent the usual government car that took him to and from work every day. Mohinder felt like walking home; it wasn't that far, and tonight was gorgeous. He briefly wondered if Molly had managed dinner for herself, or if he should pick something up for her. And he needed to call his mother. Peter, too. Gods, being a perfectionist had really made him hate laundry lists.
16 May 2010 @ 02:21 am
Name: Aiden Marsh
Age: 20
Ability: Astral Projection, and it happens at the most inconvenient times. He can't control it yet.
Location: Texas
Occupation: College student and part-time waiter.
Known friends (if any): No solid friends, he keeps to himself.
Known family members (if any): A father who lives in Austin, Texas.
Known enemies (if any): Anyone who would want to expose him for his power.