Heidi Petrelli (petrelliheidi) wrote in 5yg,
Heidi Petrelli

Worried About Them (Tag lifetimedreamer)

Heidi sat in the courtyard stirring her coffee, the repetitive action helping her take her mind off the next batch of patients she had to see. She loved her job being a psychologist and a counsellor to the masses of people who had been affected by the New York explosion but it was very taxing. At the end of the day it was nice to go home and hug her children, it really was but right now two other boys worried her; Nathan and Peter.

Nathan had been acting weird lately, Heidi thought the stress of being president might be getting to him but she didn't know, she couldn't analyse him as she once did since their marriage fell in to disrepair and Peter? She hadn't talked to him in a while and that worried her. He was marked as a fugitive yes but they still managed to keep in touch through phone calls and random visits but Peter hadn't been answering the messages she had left lately leaving Heidi to wonder what was going on.
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