Lyle Bennet (bitterbennetboy) wrote in 5yg,
Lyle Bennet

Rescue Squad, Junior Division (Tag astralaiden)

Lyle was slouching around outside the cafeteria, bored as hell, like usual. He was supposed to be in Algebra at that precise moment, and anything was better than that. He brightened up slightly as a man in a suit approached him; it was something different, at least. And the guy was sorta cute. He leaned nonchalantly back against the wall. "Can I help you, man?"

"Yeah, kid, you can." The man didn't smile. Instead, he flipped open a badge. "Homeland Security. Do you know Aiden Marsh?"

Lyle felt sick. Yeah, he knew the guy. He was in that class he was supposed to be in right that second. But no way was he gonna help these creeps lock up anyone. Claire would come back to haunt him if he did.

Not like she didn't already.

"Yeah, man," he said, smiling brightly. "I think he's got a history class right now." He gave him directions to the building, on the other side of the campus from where Aiden really was. "Is he really a terrorist?"

The man didn't answer, just began walking in the direction he'd pointed out.

And as soon as the goon was out of sight, he took off running towards the math building. And as one of the MVPs of the soccer team, running was what he did best.

Class was just letting out as he got there, and he barged into the group of students leaving the room and grabbed Aiden's arm. He was at a loss for things to say for a long moment, then a line from one of those dumb movies his dad used to watch all the time popped into his head. "Come with me if you want to live."
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